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Looking for help to build your web site? Need a little help getting started? can help. For a small fee, Alan will build your web site and train you to maintain it.

Some of the sites that Alan has built:

Also graphics by Alan

Alan completely re-designed his Microsoft Excel web site in the Summer of 2002. It is built from a series of text files and a spreadsheet. The primary color features are provided by a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) that designates the look and feel of each cell.

Macros in the spreadsheet pick up data in a variety of cells and place it where needed in a custom HTML file.

xlweb.jpg (26591 bytes)


Missouri Postal History Society web site. This is a site where we are posting information about the 6,000 post offices that have ever existed in the state of Missouri.

The underlying data site is rapidly being convert to ASP.NET to replace the 3,200 static pages that were created with Excel macros (in 90 seconds)

Saint Louis Philatelic Organizations

All of the websites for various Philatelic organizations in St. Louis are resident on my domains including but not limited to:
The personal web site of Alan Barasch. Alan also created and maintains all the web sites under

That is Alan's actual handwriting!

Planning to convert the entire site to ASP.NET 3.0 sometime in 2007.

Alan Barasch
Poster Stamp Society

Poster Stamp Society -- Currently re-building in ASP.NET and SQL Server

The “Descendants of Julius & Rachel Witkovsky” site to keep up with the cousins in the time before the next family reunion. It is rudimentary at present while others decide what needs to be included. Anxious to add pictures of the ancestors.

Genealogy Chart

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